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Transitional Studies

皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College's Transitional Studies Department offers adult basic education (ABE) classes to meet a variety of student goals.

English 类

English 类

Whether you are a native or non-native English user,  at any level, we have classes designed to help you improve and prepare for college or career success.  We have classes in ESL, Speaking & Listening, and English for high school completion and college/career 准备.


High School+ 文凭 Program

High School+ allows adult learners to use existing high school credit, life and work experience, and educational project work to complete their diploma requirements. 这是 low cost and t在这里 are no testing requirements.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy 类

Whether you need to prepare for college-level courses or to enter the workforce, we can help you learn the computer and digital skills you need.

  College and 职业生涯 

College and 职业生涯 Readiness

Whether you need to prepare for college-level courses or for entering the workforce, we can help you prepare and assist with your transition.  We offer classes in English, Math, Digital Literacy, and more.


We offer online and in-person classes at the 皇冠8868会员登录 and Omak campuses, and at various other locations.

Other locations include:

  • Nespelem HS+ Program (day time classes)
  • SkillSource 皇冠8868会员登录 (HS+, GED 准备 and testing, day time classes, flexible 安排)
  • Pioneer Middle School (English, evening classes, for 皇冠8868会员登录 School District parents)
  • Orondo (English, evening classes)

请打电话给 509.682.6790 for the most current locations and class offerings.

For placement into these courses, you will need to request registration by calling 509.682.6790 or by filling out a registration request form on our 登记 page

学生 will also be asked to complete the short online 取向 class ABE 61 College and Life Skills.  This class helps students become familiar with the department, the college, the resources available for students, and the digital skills that students need to use.

类 cost $35 per quarter.

If paying the $35 in tuition and fees will be a hardship, t在这里 is a tuition and fee waiver available.

辅导 and mentoring services are available at the Student Success Center to support students taking ABE classes.

Other WVC Student Supports can be found 在这里.