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职业生涯 & Technical Education (CTE)

CTE Dual Credit was formerly known as Tech Prep

皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College and most of the high schools within Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties have examined their CTE programs and established "Programs of Study" joining the high school programs to the 大学 programs. They have also determined that certain high school classes in those programs meet the requirements of comparable 大学 课程. Through the CTE Dual Credit program, articulation has been arranged between those classes so that students can receive both high school credit and 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College credit at the same time.

CTE Dual Credit has many advantages for students:

  • College credit at a minimal cost. Average savings are over $500.每班00.
  • Earn credits for high school and 大学 at the same time.
  • Remain in high school. No need to attend the 大学 to receive these credits.
  • Advance placement in 大学 professional/technical programs.
  • Develop marketable skills. Prepare for a career.

Just follow these simple steps and you are on your way to CTE Dual Credit.

  1. Enroll in 大学 CTE Dual Credit classes offered at your high school or skills center and earn a grade of “B” or better. Find a list of choices at your school by clicking on "课程" in the right frame 本页的.
  2. Register for your CTE Dual Credits through the online registration system at the same school year in which you finish the class/es required by the articulation 协议. (Instructions can be found using the link "Student 登记" in the right-side menu 本页的.)
  3. Successfully complete the high school class and receive 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College credits. The credits appear on the WVC transcript at the end of the 大学 季度.  Instructions for requesting a WVC transcript can be found at "成绩单" or contact the WVC 招生/登记 Office at 509-682-6806.


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A list of 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College programs accepting CTE Dual Credit is available at your local high school or the WVC CTE Dual Credit  办公室. If you have questions, contact your school vocational director or career center, or contact the CTE Dual Credit 办公室 at WVC at 509-682-6920 or by e-mail at

请注意: CTE Dual Credits are intended for 大学 vocational programs and may not transfer to a four-year school outside of Washington's community and technical 大学 system. It is the student's responsibility to consult with those institutions concerning specific credit transfer and admission requirements.