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1098-T's MAILED JANUARY 31. // Please allow 10 business days for arrival. 任何形式 the post office is unable to forward will be 返回ed to the college. If you are eligible and did 不 receive a form, please wait until Feb. 22 to contact the cashier's office,, 509-682-6509. If WVC does 不 receive the 返回ed form from the post office, you may purchase a copy by contacting the cashier.

访问ing Your 1098-T Information

为了能够在ctink中收到您的1098-T税务文件,您首先需要 to log into the ctcLink Student Homepage. 然后,单击 在这里 to follow the instructions for consenting and accessing 1098-T's online.

如果您对您的1098T有任何疑问,请致电(509 682)与出纳办公室联系 6500).

Please update your contact information prior to December 31st . 退还给学院的原件1098-T将在收银处保存(电话:509-682-6500, or until June 1st.

Reprints can be purchased from the WVC Cashier after February 15th 为8美元.00.

Tax Benefits for Education - 1098-T

As required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Form 1098-T is mailed by Jan. 31 to all students who had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses billed to them during the previous calendar 一年.

1098-T表格仅供参考,不应被视为税务建议. It 用来提醒学生,他们可能有资格接受联邦所得税教育 如终身学习学分和希望学分作为他们的一部分 Federal Income Tax Return. IRS Publication 970 "Tax Benefits for Higher Education" 以及IRS第17号出版物第35章提供了关于这些的额外信息 学分. While it is a good starting point, the 1098-T, as designed and regulated by the IRS, does 不 contain all of the information needed to claim a tax 信贷. To 确定合格的学杂费支付金额,以及奖学金金额 and grants received, a taxpayer should use their own financial records. 没有 美国国税局要求你必须申请学费和费用减免或教育 信贷. Claiming education tax benefits is a voluntary decision for those who may 有资格.


1098-T表格是由符合条件的教育机构用来报告信息的 about their students to the IRS as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. 符合条件的 教育机构需提交学生姓名、地址、纳税义务人姓名 身份证号(TIN),注册状态,与合格学费相关的金额 and related expenses, and scholarships and/or grants, taxable or 不. 1098-T表格 must also be provided to each applicable student.
  1. 只有当你有现金支付时,你才会收到1098-T you or with a loan, for “qualified educational expenses.”   IRS Publication 970 defines "qualified educational expenses" as tuition, fees, and books
  2. 你会 receive a 1098-T on the portion of tuition paid with tax-free educational assistance.   Per IRS guidelines:  如果你用一定的免税基金支付合格的教育费用,你不能申请 a 信贷 for those amounts. You must reduce the qualified education expenses by the amount of any tax-free educational assistance and refund(s) you received.  A 1098-T is, t在这里fore, issued for the portion of tuition paid with tax-free educational assistance 包括:
    • The tax-free part of scholarships and fellowships,
    • 佩尔助学金,
    • Employer-provided educational assistance,
    • 退伍军人' educational assistance, and/or
    • 收到的任何其他非应税(免税)款项(礼物或遗产除外) as educational assistance (including CAP and FSEOG grants).
 每年一月,皇冠8868会员登录谷学院提供安全的电子访问 到你的1098-T. This IRS Form 1098-T is for all students who had qualified tuition 以及其他相关的教育费用在之前的日历中支付给他们 一年. 

是的. Section 6050S of the Internal Revenue Code, as enacted by the Taxpayer Relief 1997年法案,要求机构提交信息申报表,以帮助纳税人 和美国国税局一起决定希望和终身学习教育的资格 税收抵免.

IRS指示机构报告收到的付款(栏1)或金额 billed for qualified tuition and related expenses (Box 2) on the 1098-T. Once an institution 选择了这些选项之一,就不能在日历之间更改报表方法了吗 一年s without IRS permission. 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College reports qualified tuition and related expenses that were billed during the tax 一年 ( Box 2 ); t在这里fore, Box 1 - Payments Received for Qualified 学费 and Related Expenses will be blank.

合格学费及相关费用是指学费及所需费用,如 隔离费和实验室费,学生必须支付注册或参加符合条件的 education institution.  学费 waivers and remissions are considered reductions to qualified tuition and expenses.

Qualified expenses do 不 include:

  1. 任何涉及体育、游戏或爱好的课程或教育的费用,除非 该课程或其他教育是学生学位课程的一部分 or is taken to acquire or improve job skills.
  2. 住宿费、伙食费、保险费、交通费、个人费用、住宿费和其他费用 other family expenses.
  3. 书籍和设备的费用一般不属于合格费用,因为合格 教育机构通常不要求费用的书籍或设备 作为学生入学或出勤的条件,支付给学校 at the institution.  However, some campuses may have a mandatory textbook fee or rental program which may be included as a qualified related expense.

不一定. WVC is required to provide the "amounts billed" and "scholarship 或授予”数字,以帮助您确定您可以申请的合格费用金额 on your IRS Form 8863. Per Internal Revenue Code Section 25A, taxpayers may claim 仅针对符合条件的学费和相关费用的教育税收抵免 paid (不 billed) during the calendar 一年. 你会 need to review your payment records to determine the actual qualified expenses paid. Remember that qualified amounts paid by student loans may count as payments eligible for these purposes. 奖学金 and grants received may reduce your eligible payment amounts. See IRS Publication 970 for information to determine your qualified expenses paid amount.

这些信息可以在学校的学生信息系统上找到 tuition account or on-line billing statement history. If you are a parent looking 对于学生的这些信息,请要求您的学生访问这些信息 为你.

此框显示当前日历中任何学费和费用减少的金额 一年 for charges that were billed in a previous calendar 一年.

方框5中的数字包括奖学金、助学金和(如适用)已支付的款项 by a third party under formal billing arrangements (i.e. outside scholarships, employer provided educational assistance (regardless of taxability), military, etc.), have been administered by 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College. If you received other forms of 非WVC管理的奖学金和助学金,由你自己负责 to adjust the figure accordingly. Third party payments do 不 include payments made by your parent or other individuals.

皇冠8868会员登录谷学院不确定你的教育福利是否被 taxed by your employer. As such scholarships and grants are increased by 100% of any 雇主在正式的账单安排下提供付款,这取决于雇主 学生可根据实际情况调整其符合条件的学费及相关费用 the taxability of their employer benefits.

此框显示任何奖学金,助学金和第三方(如果适用)的金额 在本历年减少上一历年记入的援助款项 一年.

如果你在一个学期中没有以半日制身份注册,则不勾选框8 academic period which is either enrolled or billed during the calendar 一年. 皇冠8868会员登录 如果你在山谷学院至少有一个学期的时间是一半或更多,你就会勾选这个选项 beginning during the 一年. This information is important in determining eligibility for the Hope Credit.

表格上最重要的信息是你的社会安全号码 . 您必须通过邮寄或亲自提交书面请求更改或更正您的SSN to the Registrar's Office. You may be required to supply a signed, legible copy of 您的社会保障卡或完整的W-9S表格(学生或借款人的要求) Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification). Form W-9S is the official IRS form used to state your SSN. You need only complete Part I of this form when requesting a 1098-T. Enter your SSN in the spaces marked "Taxpayer identification number.”

Generally, foreign students can不 claim a 信贷. However, some foreign students may be eligible. Review IRS forms, instructions and publications for guidance.

Your name is a key element on your tax information. Contact the WVC registrar office at (509) 682-6835.

No. 表格1098-T上显示的地址与国税局所得税申报目的无关. However, you should make sure WVC has your current information. 

Reprints can be purchased from a WVC Cashier after February 15th 为8美元.00.